General Information

PLEASE NOTE: PCs running 32-bit operating systems are no longer supported by ROES, as are Macs running Snow Leopard or older. Unfortunately this is outside of our control, and we cannot guarantee your order. We have experienced a number of issues connected to this, from failed orders to subtle errors that weren't picked up until delivery. Please check your operating system before placing any future orders, as we won't accept responsibility for failed or incorrect orders. As always, please call us if you have any questions.

BUSINESS HOURS: Photo Evo Pro is open 10:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST. Messages may be left on our answering machine after business hours, or you may email us at

TERMS: MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, and American Express are accepted. Credit cards are entered under customer information when placing an order. Customers under $8,000.00 per year will have their credit card charged for each order. Customers over $8,000.00 per year have the option of having their credit card charged every Friday with their receipts sent with their next order. If a credit card is declined, customer service will call you and your order will not be shipped. A $3.00 charge will apply for each decline. Please keep your credit card information updated for on time shipments. House accounts or COD are not available.

FREE TEST PRINTS: For your FREE color test showing our direct output and color correct output from your digital files, please follow these steps.

Choose a file and order one 8 x 10 unit in our SENIORS, FAMILIES, WEDDINGS & MORE catalog. Your promo code is FREETEST. We will print a direct output 8 x 10 from your file. Next, our technicians will color correct your file and print 3 more 8 x 10 prints, one of which will have no finishing, one textured and one coated. When you receive your prints, adjust your monitor to "match" the direct output print----no matter what it looks like. Now you may make density and/or corrections in editing programs and be assured that the image you see on your monitor will look closely like the products you will receive when your order direct output at PhotoEVO Pro. You may wish to keep the color correct samples for viewing before you send orders.

If you do not want to adjust your monitor and prefer PhotoEVO Pro to color correct your files, check the box in the review order screen for that service.

REMAKES: Remakes are made if within five days an error occurs in your order. Please call customer service with your invoice available for specific numbers needed to remake your prints. Remakes are only printed from the original file in our system, so do not reorder a remake. Please read more under shipping damage heading below if applicable. Expedited shipping for no charge is not available because of production delays or errors.

SHIPPING: Ground shipping in the Continental US is no charge. Alaska & Hawaii orders will incur a surcharge.  Usually, residential addresses are shipped using USPS and commercial addresses are shipped using either USPS, UPS or Federal Express. Faster shipping is available. If you would like us to use our commercial shipper for your residential address, a $4.75 charge will be added to your invoice. Please note that both UPS and Federal Express have now designated out of range zip codes. If your zip code is out of range, an extra  $3.75 will be added for a total of $8.50. If you require information concerning your zip code before ordering, please call customer service and we will advise you if your zip code is on the out of range list. Under certain circumstances, we will decide to ship a residential delivery using our commercial shipper. If that is the case, there will be no charges added to your invoice. Remember, expedited shipping always incurs charges, even if your order is delayed in production or if an error has been made in your order. Prints larger than 30 x 40 incur a crating charge and are shipped for actual charges. Unmounted prints 20 inches and longer and prints larger than 24x30 to an out of range address may incur shipping charges. Please order accordingly as we cannot be responsible for ground shipping delayed times during peak holiday seasons.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Direct and drop shipping are available for actual charges plus the drop ship fee if applicable.

DROP SHIPPING: PhotoEVO Pro is happy to drop ship your order to your customer. No invoice will be included, but can be emailed if you choose. An $8.00 drop ship fee will be applied up to and including 20 x 24 prints. Charges for larger prints may have additional charges. To assure that your customer receives exactly what you ordered, QC is doubled on all drop ship orders. No missing print requests will be honored for free reprinting. If shipping damage is involved, please follow the procedures listed under "Shipping Damage" below.

SPLIT SHIPPING Split shipping, if available on your order is $8.00 per shipment. PhotoEVO Pro can sometimes split ship your order for products with different service times. Call customer service with questions about this service before ordering products with varied service times.

SHIPPING DAMAGE: If your shipment is visually damaged, do not refuse it and do not throw anything away. Accept it, check the contents and call PhotoEVO Pro immediately. If any part of your order is damaged, you must take a picture of the damaged box and contents and email it to We will reprint and make the claim with our shipper. We will do our best to fast track your order, but we cannot occur rush shipping charges for damaged orders.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION CHANGES: Please note customer information changes in special instructions. It is especially important to note address changes (MOVED/NEW ADDRESS/) in special instructions as we have numerous systems in which you do not have access. We cannot be responsible for orders shipped to the address on file if we have not been notified with changes.

PRICES: Prices are subject to change without notice. Please continue to monitor our website for changes or call customer service if you have a question about any services or prices. Please understand that costs incurred by ordering will be your responsibility, however, we are happy to take the time to answer your questions BEFORE ordering.

SERVICE GOALS: Service goals are normally met, but unusual seasonal workloads or other factors may affect delivery time. No guarantee of delivery dates are expressed or implied. Please consider this information when posting delivery times to your customer.

RUSH SERVICES: Service times are listed for all services. Rush services are available on some services but may require extra charges. Goals not met because of a shipping carrier or shipping damage are not under our control and therefore no rush services or shipping will be provided without compensation.

PAPER SURFACES: PhotoEVO Pro uses Fujicolor Professional Photographic Paper in lustre, metallic, and chrome. Surfaces may not be available in every product line. Chrome is available through our commercial division.

MINIMUM ORDER: The minimum order charge for all catalogs other than event & underclass is $12.00. Event and underclass minimum is $25. Minimum charges for RUSH ORDERS is $25.00.

SPECIALTY MOUNT BOARD TRIMMING AND PRINT TRIMMING: Trimming of prints and mount board for specialty sizes is available. Mount board and print trimming minimum is $1.50 per side. Extra service times may apply depending on the mounting substrate. Please use the notes or special services area to notify us of special sizing and trimming needed. Orders without advance knowledge of special sizing in customer information may incur longer service times. Incorrect information in customer service may incur make-overs at your expense. Please double check your accuracy.

All mounting in this catalog is intended for framing and may have play around the image. If your image is not going to be framed, please advise customer service and specialty mount board trimming will apply. Trimming not available on masonite mounting.

BINDING INFORMATION: The largest coil for proof books will accommodate up to 50 pages unmounted or 16 double mounted pages (size of print does not matter) plus a mounted cover. If you have more than 50 pages, we suggest you make more than one book. Remember to order a cover for each book. Label them cover 1, cover 2, etc., if you have a specific way you want your order to be produced. If not labeled, PhotoEVO Pro will decide binding. Please refer to the proof book website page for further information.

COLOR CORRECTING: PhotoEVO Pro corrects for normal density and pleasing flesh tones on the most important person in the order. We do not correct for contrast or saturation. Do not order color correction on files with intentional unusual color tint, contrast, lighting or saturation as correction on those files is open to interpretation. Correction on special effect files is final and orders will not be remade. We are happy to check any correction you feel may not be acceptable. Please have your invoice and the print available when you call customer service. Color correction is selected in order review.

REMEMBER: Machines print and cut all printed images. Suppliers do not make paper to exact sizes. Be very careful when using lines/designs or putting text close to any edges. Just as in die-cutting wallets, there is a certain amount of play involved and it is impossible to be completely accurate.

CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS: Please check your orders for accuracy before sending. If you want to try  to cancel an order, call customer service immediately during business hours and speak to a live person. Do not email or leave a message for changes or cancellations, as we cannot check those in a timely basis.  If your order is already in the queue for printing, cancellations are unavailable. Your order will be completed as sent.  If cancellation is available, we can take instructions to cancel your order over the phone. You will reopen your order as new, make your changes, and resend your corrected order. Occasionally we can add or subtract finishing to a queued or finished order. Verbal instructions may be accepted, however, customer takes responsibility for any instructions if they choose not to resend a corrected order.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: Submitting any digital files, film or prints to PhotoEVO Pro constitutes an agreement by you that any damages or loss by our company, subsidiary or agents, will only entitle you to replacement value of a like amount. The acceptance of files, film or prints is without other warranty or liability and recovery for any incidental or consequential damage is excluded. PhotoEVO Pro shall not be liable for any losses, damages or expenses, whether direct or indirect, due to or caused by delays in delivery or product to the customer.

MONTHLY SPECIALS: Specials are listed on our website so you may "think ahead" for discounted pricing. Emails are also sent for specials. If you are not receiving our emails, possibly they are going directly to your spam folder. We always are available to quote volume orders other than our specials. Call customer service if you need a quote, or if you have any questions about special pricing.

EMAILS: We try to respond in a timely manner and to be helpful using email, but if you have an immediate need please call during business hours or leave a message instead of email.

HOLIDAY PRODUCTION: There are no holiday cutoff times for ordering, however it is best to give extra time for production of orders during peak holiday seasons, along with extra time for shipping. We cannot guarantee delivery times during peak holiday seasons, so if you have a question about ordering during this time, please address it to customer service. Rushes may not be available during peak holiday seasons.

REFUNDS: Please do not ask for refunds. If we have made an error, we will correct it in reprinting. 

FILE SETUP: Files accepted should be 8 bit jpeg in the sRGB color space. To make sure all your files will print, when naming files do not use special symbols other than the - or _, or spaces.

LAB CREDITS: Please use lab credits within 90 days from issue date. After 90 days, any remaining lab credit balance will be deleted from our system.

MORE INFORMATION: It is impossible to address every situation, so if we have not addressed your question or concern, please call customer service during business hours. 

REFERRALS: We appreciate your referrals of our company and would like to reward your efforts with our referral credit program. Please email or call the lab with the name of your referral. When your referral's account reaches $300, your lab account will be credited $75.