PSD Sizing Guides

It is very important to Photo Evo Pro that you have information about bleed & cut lines before your order your press printed product. To assure that you will be happy with your final product, please use these PSD templates as a guide before you begin your design, or to check your design before placing your order. Our guides take into consideration the fact that bleed/cut lines may vary slightly within an order.

As an extra precaution, Photo Evo Pro provides a layout test in our ordering software for many press products. When you check this option in the order completion screen, a technician will print, score and cut a test of your order and visually check your layout to make sure no important part of your design is compromised by the parameters of press printing. Spell check is not included in this option, but our technicians will keep an eye out for any discrepancies. If you have any questions about this service, please call our customer service.

Size,Download PSD Sizing Template(s)
Business Card (2x3½)
Folded Business Card (2x7)
Bookmark (2x8)
Rep Card/Trader Card (2½x3½)
2½x3½ Accordion Card
2½x3½ Magnet
4x4 Accordion Book
4x5½ Accordion Card
4x5½ Flat Card
4x5½ Magnet
4x5½ Single Fold Card
4x5½ Trifold
4x6 Barndoor Card
4x6 Tabbed Card
4x9 Flat Card
4x9 Magnet
4x9 Single Fold Card
5x5 Accordion Card
5x5 Flat Card
5x5 Magnet
5x5 Single Fold Card
5x5 Tabbed Card
5x5 Trifold Card
5x7 Barndoor Card
5x7 Flat Card
5x7 Magnet
5x7 Single Fold Card
5x7 Tabbed Card
5½x8½ Flat Card
5½x8½ Booklet
6x9 Flat Card
8½x11 Brochure
8½x11 Calendar
8½x11 Saddle-stitched Catalog,
8½x14 Brochure
11x17 Brochure
11¼x17 Poster
2x4 Rectangular Label
2x4 Oval Label
3 3/8" Circle Label
7 3/8 x 4½
Layflat 8x8
Layflat 8.5x11
Layflat 10x10
Layflat 11x11
Classic 5x5
Classic 5x7
Classic 8x8
Classic 8.5x11
Classic 10x10
Classic 11x11
Softcover 6x6
Softcover 8x8
Softcover 8½x11
ID Card
Order Envelope