What is the PhotoEVO Pro ordering system?

PhotoEVO Pro's ordering system is a is ROES based ordering system. Easy cropping of images, adding text, multiple image design, gallery wraps, press printed materials, wedding albums, FREE templates and more are all available in this system.

Is shipping FREE?

Shipping is FREE when you place a minimum order.

Why PhotoEVO Pro vs. the huge mega-labs?

Unlike your large Mega-labs, PhotoEVO Pro maintains a personal approach to service. We adhere to the idea that businesses are people and should be treated as such, rather than just a number. When you deal with PhotoEVO Pro not only are you getting great products and services, but you are getting them along with a personal connection to people who will identify and understand you and your business. We have years of experience to help you grow your business - which grows our business!!

Hence the motto: Big enough to handle your needs, small enough to care.

Does PhotoEVO Pro work with companies outside of Michigan?

Yes. Most of our customers are around the U.S. With ROES, fast service, and shipping, location is not an issue. We also ship internationally.

What are Mixed Units?

Mixed units include more than one image or file. As an example, in Mixed Units you can individually place 8 different images or files in the 8-up wallet unit, giving you more flexibility in how you order your prints. Mixed units are found in the Core catalog.

How does the volume pricing work?

PhotoEVO Pro’s volume pricing is exclusive to PhotoEVO Pro.  We base our volume price on the number of prints/units/pieces of paper of the same size ordered at one time – not the number of files or images from which prints are ordered. Most other labs only base their volume pricing per image.  Also, our volume pricing applies to all size prints and all units including regular, split & mixed...a real cost saver and another exclusive to PhotoEVO Pro.

Do you Die-cut wallets?

Yes. Die-cut default shows on the order review page. If you are ordering in the events or undergrad catalog the default is "no" die-cut. Check or remove the check from the die-cut all wallets box per your choice. If you want some units die-cut and some not cut, use the individual die-cut option on each file and remove the die-cut all wallets in the check out. That way only files marked for cutting will be cut.

What do I do if an order is damaged during shipping?

Unfortunately, shipping companies have accidents. Do not refuse your package, as there may be product that is not damaged within the packaging. Call us immediately so that we can work on getting you replacement prints as fast as possible. Photograph the package and it's contents, focusing on the damage to the order and shipping box. Please email us those images to customerservice@photoevopro.com so we can forward the photo along to the shipper to make a claim. Please save all boxes and packaging until the whole matter has been resolved.

I have a Macintosh. What system do I use?

All of our ordering systems are Macintosh compatible.

How much is color correction and how is it used?

PhotoEVO Pro's approach to color correction is simple. We charge $1.00 per image or file. Some other labs build the cost of color correction into the print cost, which means you are paying for color correction multiple times on the same image. PhotoEVO Pro's approach is to charge $1.00 per image no matter how many prints you order from that image.

Can I order Color Correct and Direct Output prints in the same order?

No. Direct output print orders and CC orders travel to separate departments in the lab. CC order files are opened and corrected for density and color, then test printed for accuracy. Direct output orders are automatically released for final printing. Direct output prints are not subject to color or density inspection during quality control.

How should my files be set up for printing?

sRGB is the color space used to ensure the best quality product for photographic printing by PhotoEVO Pro. Files for the PhotoEVO Pro ordering system must be 8-bit jpegs.

How should I name my files for upload?

File names with odd characters or spaces can cause problems with your order. To avoid these problems, stick to A-Z (a-z), 0-9, and _ (underscore) or - (dash). Also, avoid spaces and other characters than _ or -  in the file name. File names with odd characters or spaces in them may not print, may have to be resubmitted, or may have to be forced to print for an additional charge.

Can I edit my images after they are loaded in PhotoEVO Pro ordering software?

It is better to check your files before downloading them into the ordering system. If you find that you need to edit your images in Photoshop or another image editing program after you have opened them in the PhotoEVO Pro ordering software,  you must follow this procedure to insure that your changes will be reflected in the images that are used by the software.

Once you have made and saved your changes, return to the ordering software and right click the thumbnail of your image and select "Refresh". Your changes will be reflected in the thumbnail and you can safely order from your file.  If you do not follow this procedure, we cannot be responsible for you receiving the wrong or distorted image.

Why does the PhotoEVO Pro ordering software give an "order incomplete or corrupt" error when I try to open a saved order?

You must be in the same catalog and your files must be in the same place when you created your original order.

Do you work with film?

Film is still a great medium for photographers. PhotoEVO Pro processes and prints film in formats from 35mm to 8x10 sheet film. We handle E-6, C-41, and BW films. We scan film, print, and burn the scans to a CD. Scans may also be uploaded to our ftp site for faster service.

How many templates do you have and what genres are they for?

We literally have hundreds of templates for weddings, seniors, sports, babies, and other occasions in our ordering software. Most are completely editable and can be used for numerous applications. A template that you may have used for a wedding album may make a great locker composite print for a senior. Greeting cards, announcements, and invitations are also available. If you design your own press products, be sure to check them with our PSD guides on the website.

Does PhotoEVO Pro exhibit at trade shows and how can I get PhotoEVO Pro to be a part of my group?

PhotoEVO Pro has staff that attends trade shows on a regular basis. We also have judges and speakers that we sponsor at conventions and photo schools. If you would like to see us at your event, please contact us. If you are looking for a speaker, we can let you know who we have available. Also stop by our booth if you see us at a show. We love to talk to our customers and enjoy their company. We also "gift" prizes for photo classes, events and trade shows. Please contact us for more details.

How do I contact PhotoEVO Pro or start an account?

To start an account, simply submit a FREE test order using the PhotoEVO Pro ordering software. The information is in General Information. Once that order hits our systems, it will be flagged as a new account and a representative will be calling you to give you a new account number along with introducing themselves and finding out if you have any questions. Your FREE test order is very important and we prefer not to start new accounts without it, however, if you choose not to do a FREE test print order, that is your decision. Keep in mind, the FREE test prints show you how your files (3) print without any correction. It is FREE and fast, so please take advantage of this information.

Is PhotoEVO Pro a new lab?

PhotoEVO Pro is a family owned business. PhotoEVO Pro has been a major Midwest lab, but in the late 1990's started to expand nationwide. We may seem like a new lab when you see us for the first time, but PhotoEVO Pro has been in the industry since 1955. We also have a consumer division, PhotoEVO, where your clients may have their files printed to a professional standard when you sell your files. PhotoEVO is your assurance that your files are being printed correctly. We guarantee the same service for your clients, so rest assured that you can recommend PhotoEVO to your clients that purchase their files. There is also a program for you to get a 5% credit to your account when your clients get their products made by PhotoEVO Pro. Contact us for more details.