File Preparation

File Types

Photo Evo Pro will accept only jpeg files. Jpegs must be RGB and saved as Baseline ("Standard") format. For best color results, all files should have an embedded profile in the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color space.  Additional charges may be applied, please check with customer service.

Naming Files

When naming files, be sure not to use spaces or special characters (&,#, etc.). Special characters may render an order unprintable and spaces in file names could result in products not being set up properly in our systems.

Color Correction

We have a highly trained, experienced technicians to color correct your images.This includes adjustments for Lightness/Darkness, Red, Green, and Blue. Each image is viewed and color corrected individually by hand. Allied corrects for normal density and pleasing flesh tones on the most important person in the order. Do not order color correction on files with intentional unusual color tint or saturation. Color correction may be selected in the Shopping Cart section of Photo Evo Pro.

Photoshop Color Settings

  • Open Photoshop. In the Menu bar go to Edit > Color Settings
  • Go to Working Spaces and for RGB Files select  "sRGB IEC61966-2.1"
  • Under Color Management Policies next to RGB select “Convert to Working RGB"
  • Next to Profile Mismatches check “Ask When Opening” and “Ask When Pasting”

Whenever you open a file that is in a color space other than your working space, Photoshop will prompt you to convert to the working color space. If you would rather not be prompted when opening a file with a different imbedded profile than your working space, you can uncheck the “Ask When Opening” box and the “Ask When Pasting” boxes next to Profile Mismatches. Photoshop will then apply your working space to files that are in a different color space or with a missing profile.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you save your files, make sure to check the “Embed Color Profile” checkbox in the Save dialog box or your working profile will not be embedded and we will not know the colorspace of your files leading to inaccurate color.