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Undergraduate pricing is applicable to any underclass, preschool, or daycare order. Full, split, and half units are available, along with all specialty items. Retouching, die-cut wallet sheets, and 10x13's are also available. Individual packaging in 9x12 envelopes is available for no charge.

Order under the Undergraduate catalog. Orders requiring labeling must be ordered through the Events tab.

No Charge
Orders with labeling must be ordered through ALL-PROES records

There is a minimum of $25.00 for undergrad orders.

Note:  Volume discounts will be reflected on the order review page. Special care should be taken with orders requiring a minimum dollar amount. If you have questions, please contact customer service.
Size Price 100+ 200+
8x10 Unit $1.22 $1.15 $1.00
½ Unit $0.75
10x13 $2.10

A full range of specialty products is available in the Undergraduate catalog, including buttons, magnets, keychains, dogtags, bagtags, photo mugs and cups, bags and purses, blankets, pillows, towels and much more.