Our round buttons are 3" across and round magnets are 3.5" across.  Rectangular magnets are 3½”x 5” and are ordered in pairs.  Bag tags and key chains have an image on both sides.  The dog tag is available with either a long chain or as a key chain.

We offer numerous templates for buttons, round magnets, and rectangular magnets in the Sports and Events catalog.  If you design your own buttons, remember ¼” wraps around the edge of the button, so do not put any important part of your image close to the edge.

These products are found in the Core catalog, the Undergraduate catalog and the Sports and Events catalog under Specialty Products.
ItemEvent PriceRegular Price
Photo Button$1.90$2.90
Carabiner Bagtag/Keyring$5.25$6.25
Single Sided Dog Tag$4.00$5.00
Double-sided Dog Tag$5.25$6.25
Single Sided Dog Tag (on chain)$4.00$5.00
Double- Sided Dog Tag (on chain)$5.25$6.25