Calendars are available in 13 or 19 months in both standard and premium. Use the design tools and options provided to make your calendar unique. Start your calendar with any month, use the FREE multi image templates, and add text boxes for birthdays and special occasions.

Standard calendars feature your choice of card stock covers and inside pages printed on glossy text paper. Standard calendars can be saddle stitched or coil bound.

Premium calendars feature your choice of card stock covers with inside pages printed on satin card stock. Premium calendars must be coil bound.

Color correction is available for calendars. PhotoEVO Pro's FREE template images will be corrected individually. Corrections on flattened files with multiple images will be made on an overall basis unless otherwise instructed. Please allow extra time for this procedure.

Calendar covers are available in your choice of Classic Satin, Artist Linen, Artist Stipple, Artist Felt, or Pearl. Coils are available in black, brown, clear, silver, blue, and pink. NOTE: Artist Felt has a heavy watercolor texture best used for files without photos.

Order color correction under options in the shopping cart.

Order Calendars in the Press Printed Cards catalog under Calendars.

13-month 8½x11 $13.00 $19.50
19-month 8½x11 $17.00 $25.50