Flat Cards

PhotoEVO Pro has many FREE templates* for various occasions, most of them interchangeable. Flat cards are available on all five paper surfaces. 4 x 5½, 5 x 5, 5 x 7, and 4 x 9 sizes include envelopes.

Note: Download our PSD sizing template from our website to check perimeters of your design. Press Printed Products are full bleed. The final product can include printing to the edges, with no margins. Files must have an 1/8 inch bleed all around the trim sides. Make sure you delete the PSD guide layer before submitting your files.

Layout Test is an option in the PhotoEVO Pro ordering software. When you check this option in the shopping cart, a technician will print, score and cut a test of your order and visually check your layout. Spell check is not included in this option, but our technicians will keep an eye out for any discrepancies. Please allow extra time for this procedure.

Color Correction is now available for our press products.  PhotoEVO Pro's FREE template images will be corrected individually. Corrections on flattened files with multiple images will be made on an overall basis unless otherwise instructed. Our qualified technician’s opinions will be final. Please allow extra time for this procedure.

*If you use our template and want to adjust it, do not exceed the boundaries of photo/text boxes. Bleed and cut lines do not show in our templates. Call customer service with any questions before placing order.

Order the layout test or color correction under options in the shopping cart.

Flat Cards are available in your choice of Classic Satin, Artist Linen, Artist Stipple, Artist Felt, or Pearl.                                                       NOTE: Artist Felt has a heavy watercolor texture best used for files without photos.

Postcards are available in Satin only and do not come with envelopes.

Order in the Press Printed Catalog under Cards/Flat Cards.

SizeMinimum OrderAdditional Cards in Sets of24-7475-149
150-249250-499500-9991000+Download PSD Sizing Template