Photo Evo Pro's photographic proof books have numerous "changeable" options. The ability to mix full image and multiple image pages within your book, your choice of various color or image backgrounds with the click of your mouse, editable fonts and colors for the type showing your file names and/or text on the bottom of each page, and the ability to not show file names. There are numerous cover designs that include free colored binding, finishing options including mounted covers and mounted pages, and the option to coat and/or linen texture your cover for a custom look. Pages may also be linen textured to hamper copying. Color correction is available under options.

New Fill-In templates for covers and pages enable you to add your own background images.

  • Mix full image pages and multiple image pages within your book
  • Numerous color and image background choices for multiple image pages
  • Editable text (fonts and colors) for your file names
  • The ability to NOT show your file names
  • FREE color choice of light or heavy strokes around images
  • FREE cover designs with drag and drop convenience or design your own
  • FREE colored binding in five choices
  • Coating and/or texture for covers and/or pages
  • Mounted covers with black backboard
  • Frosted or clear acetate over cover option

NOTE: Do not rotate the ordering window
when you order full page images that are both horizontal and vertical images. Instead, rotate your images in the ordering pane. This procedure will insure proper binding. Prints are not checked nor rotated by staff before binding. Rounded edges are available on specific size pages.

Order in the Proofs & Proof Books Catalog under Proof Books.

Five page minimum
Direct Output Pages$0.30$0.30$0.35$0.50$1.25$1.25$2.50$3.00
Direct Output Cover$1.65$1.65$1.70$1.75$2.50$2.50$3.75$4.25
Single Photomount Cover$1.75$1.75$1.75$1.75$2.50$2.50$4.00$5.00
Double Photomount Cover$4.75na$4.75$4.75$6.50$6.50nana
Double Mount Pagesnananana$2.76$2.76nana
Frosted/Clear Cover$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00nana
Frosted/Clear Cover w/Poly Backer$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00nana
UV Coating$0.10$0.10$0.10$0.10$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.75
Linen Texture$0.10$0.10$0.10$0.10$0.25$0.25$0.45$0.45
Protex (Cover Only)$5.00$5.00$5.00$8.00$8.00$8.00$8.00$8.00