Posters are 11.25x17. Minimum order is 25, but they are available to order singly in the event catalog. As singles in events they make great desk blotters for parents. One or two sided, posters are available on all five paper surfaces.

Note: Press Printed Products are full bleed. The final product can include printing to the edges, with no margins. Files must have an 1/8 inch bleed all around the trim sides. Download the PSD sizing template to help prepare files for submission. Make sure you delete the guide layer before submitting your files.

Layout Test is an option in the Photo Evo Pro ordering software. When you check this option in the order completion screen, a technician will print, score and cut a test of your order and visually check your layout to make sure no important part of your design is compromised by the parameters of press printing. Spell check is not included in this option, but our technicians will keep an eye out for any discrepancies. Remember, the PSD templates on this page will help you with design parameters. Please allow extra time for this procedure.

Color Correction is now available in the Photo Evo Pro ordering system.  Now you can be assured that your images will be checked and corrected for density and color BEFORE your order is printed.  If you have included more than one image on a flattened layer file the decision will be made on an overall basis or on the most important/largest image. Our qualified technician’s opinions will be final. Please allow extra time for this procedure.

Order the layout test or color correction on the review order page.

Posters are available in your choice of Classic Satin, Artist Linen, Artist Stipple, Artist Felt, or Pearl.

Order Posters in the Press Printed Cards catalog under Posters.

 Minimum OrderOrder Additional Cards in Sets of25-49


100-199200-299300+Download PSD Sizing Guide
One Sided251$2.00$1.60$1.10$1.00$0.90