Printed DVD's are available for FREE with our logo, or at the price below without our logo. If your clients are receiving files from you without a print package, you can ensure they will get quality prints by recommending they use PhotoEVO. Our friendly staff will assist them with their order for no extra charge! Our FREE DVD's are the best way to send them in the right direction. Envelopes are included.

Also available are hard cover DVD and USB cases. These cases are HIGH QUALITY photographic prints with your choice of matte or glossy laminate, with a magnetic latch.

Note: Print templates for DVD & USB cases fold around to the inside of the cover, losing 3/4" on all sides. Download the PSD sizing template to help prepare files for submission. Make sure you delete the guide layer before submitting your files.

Contact us for any questions.

Order Printed DVD's in the Marketing catalog under Printed DVD's.



ProductPer 1Per 5
DVD with PhotoEVO LogoFree!-
DVD without PhotoEVO Logo$7.00$14.95
Printed DVD Case$18.00-
Printed USB Case$18.00-